The Aroma

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The Aroma

The first known recorded use of perfumes was by the Ancient Egyptians. They made it a part of their religious practices, either by burning incense or applying ointments and balms.

The balms and ointments were used for either treating an illness or injury, or cosmetics. They were also known to be used as a tool for clearing or cleansing during rituals. Between the 1500 and 1000 BC they began to also use them during festivals and celebrations, as well as to enhance the sexual experience.

From Ancient Egypt the word got out and they began to follow suit in

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other countries like Rome and Greece, and then by the Islamics. When Christianity began to become more popular, perfumes were seen as evil and unnecessary, however the Islamics continued to make regular use of it. It was around the 12th C that a downfall of trade internationally re-vamped it

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