Web Promotion

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Web Promotion

The main methods of online marketing are the following

Web Optimization
The professional SEO services are the first the and in most efficient method of online marketing. It would be ideal that the site should be realized from the begging after the principles of web optimization, in this way you save time and money.

Increasing link popularity
The popularity of a link is given by the number and the quality of the links who lead to

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your site. The links are a determinant force for search engines. A quality sustainable link it will not help you only in the ranking of search engines but also will bring you targeted traffic.

The registration in main search engines
The registration in search engines is achieved manually only by human operators. The sites who pledge the automatic registration in search engines are not accepted by Google.
Not only that this method will not help you in any way but it is considerate spam by the search engines and you risk to be penalized.

Registration in web directories
Another method is the manually registration in web directories, depending on your target market and the languages in which your site is realized.

The beginning of a promotion campaign Pay Per Click.
This type of campaign will bring immediate visitors, but with certain costs. If the results of web optimization give results on a long period of time, the Pay Per Click campaigns have results as long as they last.

Developmental systems for affiliation networks
Besides direct sales that come from direct requests from your site, your products, services can be sold through your affiliates’ sites.

Online marketing through advertising banners
Advertising banners are another method of online promotion. Our company makes advertising banners at promotional prices.

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