Share your links and get money!

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Share your links and get money!

If you started reading this article then you must be a real geek. You upload dozens of files daily, share you links with friends from your community and enjoy the honor of a great uploader. But you still want something more from it. There’s great news for you!

Have you heard about the partnership program offered by some file-hosting sites?
Joining it, you can earn money for downloads of your file.
What do you need to do?

Get an account, join the partnership program, upload your files, share the links and start making money. You’ll be paid for a certain amount of your files downloads.
You can ask: but what actually I’ve got to do to earn money? – Nothing special.
Just do exactly what you’ve been doing all the time: share your files, making people happy of possessing useful programs and utilities, or whatever they need, and get money for downloads.

The more people download your file, the more money you can get.
Now, foreseeing another question you may ask, I’ll tell you how much money you can earn. The answer is: as you wish.

You can get money to cover expenses on the Internet connection. Or you can make a fortune and quit your current job, provided that you share lots of links, and loads of people download them. And mind, you do just what you’ve been doing before. But the difference is that now you get money for it. Just imagine,

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you’re doing your favorite thing – uploading and sharing files – any time you wish, and get enough bucks not to do anything tedious and tiresome any longer. Your hobby now becomes your job. Isn’t that a happy mode of life? I believe it is.
So what have you got to do to be happy and rich?
Join partnership program, share your files and enjoy the prosperity.

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Everyone may take advantages of our free service at, that includes unlimited disk space, an endless amount of file downloads and e-mail file delivery. Free registration also gives access to upload files using your favorite FTP client and opportunity to edit or delete files. Using our partnership program registered users may earn money for their files downloads. Uploaded files are accessible for 30 days if there was no request to download. Go to

Share your links and get money! / Alex Smith

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