Denture Cream Poisoning and the Denture Cream Lawsuit

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Denture Cream Poisoning and the Denture Cream Lawsuit

It is estimated that approximately eighteen million people all around the world wear dentures and use a type of denture cream in order to keep their dentures in place. It was previously believed that denture cream was completely safe and harmless. In modern times it is believed that this is not the case. Studies conducted recently show that there might be a connection between denture creams of all brands and strange symptoms that many people have been experiencing. There strange symptoms can be an early sign of Denture Cream Poisoning. The possibility of Denture Cream Poisoning has lead to one of a many denture cream lawsuit.

The symptoms of denture cream poisoning can be as severe as paralysis and as minor as slight numbness in extremities. The poisoning symptoms have been linked to a deficiency of the copper content within the victim’s blood. It is believes that the copper deficiency is caused by a constant barrage of zinc oxide in the victim’s blood stream. All of the major brands of denture cream contain zinc oxide. There are certain symptoms of denture cream poisoning that will not appear immediately. It is possible to go months or even years without even noticing that you have any type of copper deficiency.

You will wake up one day and discover that you are unable to feel or move your arm. Those who have suffered from denture cream poisoning are fighting back as they deserve compensation. These people may be a part of the current Denture Cream Lawsuit. Those people who have been using denture cream and have experienced denture cream poisoning like symptoms

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should contact an attorney. People who have used popular denture creams have ended up spending large sums of money and have had their lives changed for the worst. These people should consider filing a denture cream lawsuit in order to get compensation for their troubles.

People who have suffered from high levels of zinc that could possibly have been caused by denture creams deserve compensation and should find a lawyer or malpractice attorney who knows a thing or two about filing a denture cream lawsuit. Attorneys are lawyers are working through legal means through a potential denture cream lawsuit in order to protect those that use denture creams. Many people suffer from poisoning from denture cream because there are no warnings on the denture cream boxes or the tubs of cream. It is even uncommon for denture cream companies to place the ingredients on the denture cream tubes which make it very difficult to people to be aware of the extremely high levels of zinc in the product.

It has been proven that denture creams can have severe and extremely dangerous side effects. This is usually caused the significant amounts of zinc which is a heavy metal found within the creams. It is possible for zinc poisoning to lead to neuropathy. This illness can cause serious problems with the nerves. There can be many symptoms with the disorder which are dangerous and very frightening. This is why filing a denture cream lawsuit is extremely important in order to get compensated for your problems.

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