Dhanteras Festival

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Dhanteras Festival

Dhanteras is the first day of the Diwali Festival which continuous for five long days. Dhanteras Festival which is also known as Dhantrayodashi or Dhanwantari Triodasi, dedicated to the celebration of Goddess Laxmi, falls on the auspicious thirteenth lunar day of Krishna Paksha in the Hindu month of Kartik (October/November). In the word Dhanteras, “Dhan” stands for ‘wealth’. On the day of Dhanteras, Goddess Laxmi is worshiped to provide prosperity and well being. Hence Dhanteras has a special significance for the business community.

The legendary behind Dhanteras Festival goes on like

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this: once the sixteen year old son of King Hima was doomed to die by a snake bite on the fourth day of his marriage as per his horoscope. So, on that particular fourth day of his marriage, his wife did not allow him to sleep whole night as she feared for his life and instead she went on telling stories and singing songs after laying all the ornaments and lots of gold and also silver coins that she had with her in a big heap at the entrance of his boudoir. She also lit innumerable lamps all over the place.

Yama, the God of Death, disguised himself as a Serpent and reached there. But with the dazzle of those bright lamps, his eyes got blinded and he could not enter Prince’s chamber. He climbed on the top of the heap of the ornaments and coins and sat there whole night listening to her melodious songs. Then, in the morning, he quietly went away without hurting the Prince. Thus, by this way, the life of the Prince was saved by his young wife and she also changed his fortune. Since then, this day of Dhanteras is known as the day of ‘YAMADEEPDAAN’. So, on this day, people keep the lamps burning whole night.

Yet another legend tells us that when the Gods and the demons churned the ocean for Amrit or nectar, Dhanvantri, the physician of the Gods and an incarnation of Vishnu, emerged carrying a jar of the elixir on the day of Dhanteras. So Dhanteras Festival is much important day of Diwali Festival in India.

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Dhanteras Festival is observed for two days before Diwali. It is the beginning of the Diwali festival. Hence, it can also be called Diwali eve. The festival usually comes every year in the thirteenth lunar day of Krishna Paksha in the Hindu month of Kartik (October / November). On this day, people keep the lamps burning throughout night all over their home. The celebration behind Dhanteras is explained in the History.

Dhanteras Festival by Rujuta Vasani