Send a gorgeous bouquet to your Mom back home

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Send a gorgeous bouquet

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to your Mom back home
This Mother’s Day isn’t easy for the Filipino living or working abroad. It isn’t enough to order a Philippine flower bouquet for your Mom on Mother’s Day in the Philippines. Most Philippine flower shops, especially the smaller ones, are scrambling to meet the demand of Filipinos abroad for the best Philippine flowers to send to their mothers in the Philippines. Trusting a relative with ordering your bouquet can be even more disastrous. If you choose the wrong flower shop, you open yourself to the possibility of a haphazard Philippine flower arrangement, sloppy delivery, and one somewhat disappointed mother.

The savvy online Filipino, however, knows how to find a good bargain, and there are pleny of online Philippine flower shops that are making it significantly easier for you, the Filipino living or workingoverseas, to send a beautiful bouquet of Philippine flowers to your mother back home. Online Philippine flower shops now offer a wide range of flower bouquets for you to choose from, most using only the finest, world-class Philippine flowers in their arrangements, and delivering the Philippine flower bouquets straight to the doorstep of the woman who means the most to you.

Express Regalo, for instance, is one online Philippine flower shop worth considering. Unlike other Philippine flower shops, Express Regalo is owned and operated by the renowned LBC Group of Companies – Hari ng Padala, it calls itself – that has built a solid reputation around its first-class door-to-door delivery service. The freshness and quality of every Philippine flower bouquet ordered on Express Regalo is guaranteed.

When one visits the website of this online Philippine flower shop (, one will notice the wide variety of Philippine flower bouquets to select from. Whether one chooses for one’s Mom a classic rose bouquet, or selects a lovely bouquet of spring flowers, or sends an arrangement from its vaunted High-Style collection, one knows one will be sending a Philippine flower bouquet of the absolute best quality. Each Philippine flower bouquet comes with its own profile and full-color photograph so Filipinos abroad know exactly what their mother will be receiving.

Ordering on is very easy, and paying for the Philippine flower bouquet ordered for Mother’s Day is even easier. The website of this online Philippine flower shop is protected by VeriSign, the world’s most trusted payment security provider, so Filipinos know their credit card information is totally safe.

Don’t take a chance with just any flower shop. Visit Philippine flower and give your mother the Mother’s Day Philippine flower bouquet she deserves.

Author’s Bio: Thomas de Jesus is a freelance writer and journalist based in Manila, Philippines. A freelance writer by trade specializing in lifestyle, music, and the arts, De Jesus is also an acclaimed songwriter and orator. Email

Send a gorgeous bouquet to your Mom back home  by THOMAS DE JESUS