Spy Camera Watch

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Spy Camera Watch

This spy Camera Watch is a great little gadget,which far exceeds my expectations for picture and sound recording quality. Battery life and data storage is awesome. Looks and wears like a normal watch but excellent for covert and hidden use.  it can produces very good color video and sound. Considering how small the pinhole camera is alright, The microphone works as well as a cell phone recorder. It  seems odd to have 4 GB of space that can hold 20+ hours of video.

   1. By the way,the set up is easy as long as you follow the manufacturer’s simple instructions . It works exactly as the manufacturer promised.I bought it as a casual toy but now I am going to use it as a backup camcorder when I do the work— among other uses. This is the best “spy watch ” for the money.   

Additionally,According to some customer ,it is worth the price.

Fast Service, Nice

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Price ,Perfect Watch, Good and bright Display.;-). It is very nice and can use it anywhere and at anytime.

At first, I would like to thanks for Etechbest service team for their great customer service. It was not expected that I can get in so short time after my order .It was package as their promise. Secondly,their price is lower than other website according to comparing the price many times.Thirdly, it is definitely perfect watch I think. The quality of sound is amazing and the video is perfect! it would be the ideal spycam. and it’s very good for the price.

Spy Camera Watch / shadow.yangxiao