A Couple Of Tips For Cave Exploring

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A Couple Of Tips For Cave Exploring

Cave exploring attracts people because they are given the chance to explore abandoned mines, geological fossils and astounding caves. Although the accident rate in cave exploring is relatively low, some serious and fatal incidents do occur.

It is therefore important that cave exploring beginners are aware of the risks involved and ensure they could benefit from the full caving experience by following basic safety techniques.

1) Research before you explore – Ask your organization or caving group about the trip. Know how long your cave exploring will be, research on any difficulties in the trip, will the trip be wet or dry, will there be any climbs and use ropes, are the caves liable to flooding, and so on. Know as much as possible about the trip to become fully aware of the potential risk or difficulty you will be facing.

2) The leader’s background check – It is important that you know who will lead the cave exploring trip. Know his or her experience and ask around if the leader really knows what they’re doing. This is particularly important for beginners since they need to depend on their cave exploring leaders.

3) Equipments and clothing – Know which equipments and clothing will be provided for you and which you need to provide. For cave exploring beginners, the basic clothing would be rugged pants, sweater, gloves, walking shoes with cover ankles and wool socks. Make sure you

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bring another set of clothing for changing after the trip.

4) First aid and emergency equipment – Although most cave exploring groups provide you with a first aid kit, make sure you bring kneepads, rugged flashlights with fresh and extra batteries, durable snack foods, a leak-proof water bottle and camera.

5) Ask for assistance – Cave exploring beginners tend to get distressed or concerned during the cave trip. When this happens, make sure to bring your concern to your group members or leader’s attention. Before the start of the cave exploration, let your leaders know if you have any health problems that are likely to slow down your performance during cave exploring.

6) Know your physical limits – Cave exploring beginners may get overwhelmed by the physical exhaustion caving can bring. Always listen to your body when you’re tired and need to rest. Caving can cause fatigue due to environmental changes.

Although you may be amazed of the cave’s beauty and secrets, it is important to respect preserved areas and leave the natural habitants of the caves alone. Enjoy a safe and adventurous cave exploring for beginners.

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A Couple Of Tips For Cave Exploring  / Author: Jiro Sosh