Party Popper Time

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Party Popper Time

A night out in Barcelona is a long event. It is always better to be little slow at first so that one is able to face the exuberant party-scene until the early morning. Like the usual trend in Barcelona, nightlife sets off a few hours later. The starts of the evening should be in one of the numerous bars or cafes in Barcelona before going to a club. Usually the bars generally close at 3:00 am. The party time at any club starts not before 12:00 pm. The best way is to spend time on the beach during the evening? Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere while drinking a cold beer on the still crowded but much cooler beach of Barcelona during summer nights.

The Barcelona weekend starts early, sometimes on Thursday, or even on a Wednesday for the serious party animals. The city’s clubbing agenda is always alive and kicking and there’s plenty going on to choose from every night. Barcelona currently has a particularly strong house and electro scene, which is reflected by the number of clubs that keep that vibe alive all week. In Barcelona every other person in this city seems to be a DJ.

There is a good range of clubs and music styles presented here, although electronic beats tend to take centre stage. However, rock and metal fans, and hip kids are also well looked after. There are plenty Latin clubs with their salsa, meringue, samba and other funky beats. As well as regular weekly club nights, Barcelona is firmly on the global agenda and attracts a lot of big name live performers and DJs all year round.

Clubs and discoth√ɬ®ques tend to open their doors between 11pm and 1am, although the dance floors are often empty until 2 or 3am. When the clubs kick out at 5am, 6am, or 7am, there’s always a ready crew fleering for the after clubs where those that aren’t

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yet ready to mix with the day crowd can continue in until the afternoon. Barcelona’s club scene is divided into two distinct seasons – the summer, and the rest of the year. Summer clubs include outdoor terraces, some are on the beachfront or have a sea view, and some even have a pool. From October onwards the action is more focused on the dance floor.

Barcelona is usually considered one of Europe’s great party cities and it deserves it. Things may start slowly with some food and a few drinks after siesta finishes but they soon gather pace and by late night the city is buzzing. Friday and Saturday nights are when the city is at its liveliest, although the drinking and dancing keeps going throughout the week. Bars are usually open until 0200 or 0300, while clubs and discos keep going until 0500 or 0600.

Barcelona is a city known for its nightlife, so it comes as no surprise that there is a huge variety quite often in many areas, huge concentration of bars and pubs. The bars and pubs cover pretty much every theme and appealing to all tastes and budgets. So enjoy.

Party Popper Time / Anil Gupta

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