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How to choose The Right agency for YOU

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How to choose The Right agency for YOU?

Men in the west often lead hectic professional lives with little time to find their love and life-partner. Western women are fiercely independent, career-oriented and may be difficult to live with. Russian women on the other hand are highly educated, very gentle but not overtly feminist. They can speak foreign languages, care about their looks and are always willing to learn new things. They are very hard working and especially good company, but aspire for a better standard of life that is often not easily achievable in their country. Russian women are strong with a ‘never say never’ attitude and can endure hardship and charm you with their smiles the same time.

Remember that the numbers are in your favor; statistically women comprise 60% of the population in Russia. In addition, seeking a foreign husband has been customary since the time of Peter the Great. It is understandable that Russian women prefer the company of educated men from the US or European countries since they know they can expect to be treated with respect and are always open to adjusting to life in a new country or culture.

A good way to meet like-minded Russian women is through a reputable online dating agency. You can choose from several credible dating agencies that host photos and personal details of thousands of young, eligible, and beautiful Russian women. The best way is to enlist the services of a reputable agency is preferably through a reference from your friends or acquaintances.

Most agencies offer free registration and a fee based subscription, or a pay per letter plan for contacting a specific number of women. It is always best to begin by writing as many as twenty women, so that you can realistically hope to get a response from at least half of them. Be patient, as replies can generally take up to two or three days.

Beware of dating frauds, but do not be put off by the negative press surrounding Russian dating agencies. Most agencies verify the details of the listed women before posting their details on the agency website. In case their status changes, that is a sure sign that the agency continuously updates their database. Moreover, they add new women on a regular basis to maintain optimum viewer interest in their dating site. Some dating agencies have proper software to detect names and contacts of women who are or who have been engaged in dating frauds. You can go to the website to check the details of the women by typing their name or accessing their photos from an existing database. Alternately, you can type the URL of the dating agency to verify its existence. It is always better to check these details before plunging into dating Russian women.

After choosing a credible dating agency, check the services they provide as well as their rates. Most agencies will offer you free services and subscription based on other paid services. Free services include registration and uploading of your photograph and profile. Next, for a fee of about twenty dollars you can send letters to the selected number of women at one time and a means for translating their responses to you. This letter forwarding service can greatly speed up the process of communication with the Russian women. Email forwarding can cost eight dollars for two pages with an extra two dollars for every additional page. The agency can guide you through the process of writing letters and sharing your personal details and interests with the chosen Ladies to increase the chances of meeting a like-minded partner. You can get her response the same way by paying five dollars and a reason for non-response in case more than ten days lapse since your correspondence. Providing translation services and printing photographs cost additional depending on agency rates.

Any agency you choose should preferably have a representative office in your country with a landline number so that you can verify its existence. Secondly, it should have round the clock toll-free customer service to help you with the process of arranging dates. Reputable agencies will offer other help along the lines of instant messaging, email services and a FAQs section to answer your doubts regarding the corresponding and dating process. Choose a proper dating agency and not its affiliates, as the company is not responsible for the actions or mischief created by its affiliate partners. Hence, you will find happiness and success with dating Russian women only if you select the right dating agency.

The article is about how to choose the reputable online dating agency and to avoid dating fraud. You also get to know what advantages you get if your life-partner is Russian lady.

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