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The Jacksonville Jaguars Football Tickets Watch The NFL Team That Nearly Wasn t

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The Jacksonville Jaguars Football Tickets – Watch The NFL Team That Nearly Wasn’t

The Jacksonville Jaguars have the great advantage of having their base in a city that is already been a host to tens of thousands of football fans waiting eagerly to book Jacksonville Jaguars football tickets. This public has a real good understanding of the game. This is so because years before Jacksonville got itself an NFL franchise, they had a reputation for being a great football town and hosted both college and professional football.

Football In The Blood

The city even has an annual football festival and has an annual Gator Bowl which is a great festival which comprises ceremonies and parades and the famous parties and which finally leads to a fine game of football. Not only annual festival, the city also has an annual football game between two great universities – the University of Georgia and the University of Florida.

One would have thought that the city has had its fill of football and wouldn’t like to watch any more games, but that is not how it is. The Gator Bowl Stadium, built during the Great Depression continued to be improved right till the Nineties and has seen some great teams play here. The town had teams that were part of the World Football League and the United States Football League and when these leagues became unimportant, the city tried to lure teams from the NFL. The city tried to pull in the Baltimore Colts and later tried to get the Houston Oilers to move in.

Even though great attempts were made to get any of these two teams to move in, the efforts were unsuccessful and soon the city big-wigs decided that the only way to get a team was to slug it out for a franchise when the NFL chose to expand.

When, in 1991, the NFL decided to expand its franchises, Jacksonville was quick to make a bid. However to most experts of the game, this was a lost cause. To begin with, Florida already had two teams. Who would try and set up another? Besides there were many other parts of the country that were much lesser represented in NFL franchises.

Even when NFL did agree to consider the Jacksonville bid, the results were not sure. To begin with there were several disagreements on the amount of renovation the stadium would need and how it was to be funded. At one stage negotiations broke down completely and had to be abandoned altogether. Finally, some back channel diplomacy seemed to do the trick and late in November 1993 one of the expansion franchises of the NFL went to Jacksonville.

As the seasons progressed, the Jaguars improved their record. In 1995, their first year of play, they came off with a 4-12 record. However in later years they bloomed and by 1999 they were boasting a 14-2 record.

Watching the Jacksonville Jaguars play live is an experience you will not forget too easily. However what is really difficult is getting their tickets because they seem to vanish just as sales begin. The best way of ensuring your Jacksonville Jaguars football tickets is by booking them online through reputed sites of authorized ticket brokers. You are spared the rush and the anxiety and can get some great deals too on Jacksonville Jaguars football tickets. Get your online Jaguars football tickets early, if you want to see an exciting game!

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The Jacksonville Jaguars Football Tickets – Watch The NFL Team That Nearly Wasn’t / Author: reed tieri