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What Are Alternative Fuel Cars

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What Are Alternative Fuel Cars?

Not only is the price of gas rising ever higher each day, but we must also take into consideration the pollution that cars emit and the damage it does to the environment. Those that want to live a greener lifestyle can do so by first finding alternative fuel cars that will be kinder to the global environment and their pockets as well.

The New Science of Alternative Fuel Cars

Alternative fuel cars are being tested at present to ease the dependence on petroleum. An alternative fuel vehicle can be one that produces less pollution or it can focus on sustainable energy sources. This lessens our need to import fuel from the unstable region of the Middle East and also addresses global warming issues that are at the forefront of many governments at this time.

An added bonus in looking into alternative fuel cars in the United States is the Federal tax incentives the government is offering to those citizens that purchase alternative fuel vehicles that qualify according to their standards.

What are Alternative Fuels?

One alternative fuel you may be hearing much about in the news is ethanol. Ethanol is being produced in the U.S. and it comes from crops such as corn. It is said to produce less emission and greenhouse gases than the conventional fuel sources we now use. There is much debate over the use of ethanol as it takes energy in order to produce it and the facts are still up in the air about whether it is truly worth the cost and effort to produce.

Biodiesel is another popular alternative fuel source. It comes from animal fat and vegetable oil. It is said to produce less pollution than conventional diesel fuel that is based on petroleum. Willy Nelson, the famous crooner of country ballads is a huge advocate of using biodiesel for alternative fuel cars.

Natural gas is said to generate less pollution into the air as well as a smaller amount of greenhouse gases. There are not many alternative fuel cars that run on natural gas at present but with the leaps and bounds in science, it is only a matter of time before this may be a viable fossil fuel alternative to petroleum.

Hydrogen is a versatile source for alternative fuel cars. It can be produced from a number of fossil fuel sources such as nuclear power, coal and other sources of renewable energies. Hydropower fuel cell cars are powered by hydrogen and do not let off any harmful pollutants into the air.

What You Can Do

The average consumer can find alternative fuel cars in a variety of ways. Doing the proper research on the best alternative fuel cars for the money they have to spend is one of the best ways to lessen our dependence on foreign oil and to make positive changes that will address global warming and climate change. It takes a village to raise a child the old saying goes, but it also takes that same village to make changes in the way we handle our fuel needs.

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